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Featured Track: "Don't Look Back"

For years this track was called "Born to Run." The last two lines of the chorus were, "If you're born to run, better do it fast." I was so proud of that couplet! Then the night before the recording session Dawn said, "Are you really gonna call it 'Born to Run'? You're a singer-songwriter from New Jersey. No one's gonna take it seriously." She had a point. So on the drive to the studio I wrote two new lines, and "Don't Look Back" was born. - Paul

Paul crafts such strong songs that can easily be sung by, and really should be sung by other people. His songs have a generosity of spirit in this way, they not only make you feel good, but if you listen to them a few times, they become an encouraging part of your own inner world—something you sing to yourself. ” - Jim Pustorino, Artist

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